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Sheila Lauchlan

Sheila Lauchlan is IGEM’s first female President.  She is a self-employed engineer and director of Edinburgh-based consultancy, Perfect Dimensions Ltd. Sheila works on complex high pressure gas pipeline projects as well as writing procedures for multi-utility infrastructure works, and acts as Technical Advisor for companies operating on the Gas Industry Registration Scheme.

“I am delighted once again to be featured in the Wilcock Consulting Newsletter.  I took up my role of 154th President of the Institute of Gas 

Engineers and Managers in May and it’s been a whirlwind so far with invitations to speak at various events, the Presidential Summer Ball which was held at Edinburgh Castle, and sponsored by Wilcock Consulting, as well as judging the annual Young Persons Paper Competition where Matthew Maclennan scopped first place for his design and management of the SMARTester,earning himself a trip to the World Gas Conference 2018 in Washington DC as well as an iPad mini. And I have been relishing every minute.

My missions for my year in office is to spread the word that "Gas is GOOD". In our own industry we are well aware of the improvements in efficiency and decarbonisations, but I feel that the outside world thinks that because it's a fossil fuel that it's dirty and outdated, and that we are all dinosaurs! So to change minds I have challenged everyone to use their voices at any opportunity whether is those whole influence Government policy, on international platforms or more locally in your own areas. I am also an Ambassador for STEMnet which co-ordinates volunteers to inspire schoolchildren and young adults to study Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. and I'd love to encourage more of you to do the same. I often help out at events, which is worthwhile, but I also want to set the record straight with regards to our industry and need something to talk about.

I realise that there are probably a lot of people who wouldn’t mind giving up a couple of hours to go to present something at their local school or to the local scout or guide group, but it's a much larger task to think of a topic, create a presentation or lesson, knowing how to pitch it and to make it interesting. So I've come up with a plan, and a challenge: I already have some volunteers modifying presentations they have, a with a bit of help from others who specifically deal with schoolchildren to make the lessons interactive, I hope to build up a suite of presentations that any of us can use to present to local groups. The next step is to get you all to deliver them if you feel comfortable doing so, but for the moment I'm still looking for people and companies to help create these and build up our resources. I'd love to hear about the themes and topics you could contribute and the lessons you'd be willing to create. Do you remember how you were inspired or guided into this fantastic career? You could help do that for the next generation of engineers and scientists for them to enjoy the numerous and varied opportunities worldwide. I'm counting on you.


If you can assist then please contact me at





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