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Design Work

  1. Our services are used to undertake design studies for the replacement of steel risers in high rise domestic properties


       Typically, our report will include:-

  • Route options for riser location

  • Riser support design

  • Expansion calculations

  • Ventilation requirements

  • Drawings for the pipework and associated fittings

  2. In addition, our services are used in support of compliance with the Gas Safety Management Regulations.


      Typically, our work will include:-

  • Network Analysis using Gasworks 9 Modelling

  • Site Pressure surveys

  • Site leakage surveys using either GA Surveyor or fame ionisation meter

  • Provision of Authorising Engineer for approving Non-Routine Operations and overseeing live gas works

  • Compliance audits

  3. In addition, our services are used to model the impact of further development on existing industrial and commercial


      gas systems.

      Typically, this work has been applied to military sites, large industrial sites and university campuses.

      Due account is taken of the need for compliance with all relevant industry codes and practices. 

  4. In addition, our services are used to carry out site assessments for compliance with DSEAR regulations and



Please contact us for more information.

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