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What is your job title and function?


Principal Engineer. I provide technical governance and consulting services to clients on Geo-hazards and ground movement issues affecting pipeline integrity. What is one interesting fact about you outside of a work context? I love bargain hunting! I waited patiently until the final sale for most stuff I bought!

How would you describe your relationship with Wilcocks?

Wilcocks is very helpful in managing my contract, and is a bridge between myself and the clients. Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? I see myself as a well-known and respected independent technical expert that works with clients worldwide to solve their problems.


How do you like to relax in your spare time?


I do a lot of volunteering work for the local Chinese community, mainly serving the elderly and teaching Chinese language to children. It is very satisfying when you can help other people, which has brought me friendships and happiness.

What advice would you bestow upon a young engineer entering the working world?

There is plenty of advice you can find on the internet and biographies of famous/successful people. Do read them and find what suits you as it is very efficient to learn from other people’s mistakes. My personal advice is to work very hard, sacrifice some of your social life if necessary, and get your professional chartership as soon as possible. It is very useful when you move up your career ladder.


What do you attribute to your success within your job?

Good technical capabilities and building relationship with key clients... understand the key issues the client is facing and be able to solve their problems timely and effectively. What is your biggest work related achievement? I recruited and developed a team of high calibre engineers from scratch and consistently managed the team to achieve one of the highest chargeability rates in the company

Name: Paul Ng
Position: Principal Engineer
Years in the Industry: 20+
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