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Achilles UVDB Verify Audit Results 

07/09/2020- 08/09/2020

ACHILLES UVDB VERIFY - On 7th and 8th September 2020 Wilcock’s underwent an annual Achilles audit. This involves a full audit of Wilcock’s Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Management Systems and a site audit against Achilles UVDB standards. This year due to Covid restrictions the audit was held remotely via Teams and a desk top exercise replaced the face to face site audit.


Helen Colwill (Wilcock QHSE Compliance Manager), Eric Dodd (Wilcock Project Engineer) worked with Gary Bolton (Achilles Auditor) for the 2 days.


The audit went extremely well and once again we have achieved extremely high scores which reflect the time and effort put into not only the audits but the three Management Systems that are pivotal to the running of Wilcocks.



                                                                            Management System Evaluation            Onsite Assessment


           Health & Safety                                                             99%                                                 99%


           Environment                                                                 100%                                               100%


           Quality                                                                          100%                                                100%


           Corporate Social Responsibility                                 100%                                                100%

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