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Process Safety Specialist x 3 - Jersey/Guernsey/Isle of Man

Job Type: Permanent

Location: Jersey / Guernsey / Isle of Man

Salary: TBA

Relocation: Package tailored to individual needs

Hours of Work: Full Time

Start Date: ASAP

Job Description:

As a Process Safety Specialist, you will be responsible for overseeing and ensuring compliance with regulations governing the operation of the organisations LPG assets operating in accordance with relevant legislation including COMAH. Your primary focus will be on identifying, assessing, and managing risks associated with the handling, storage and processing of dangerous substances. You will play a crucial role in developing and implementing a robust process safety management system, COMAH safety reports, emergency response plans, and providing expertise to maintain a safe working environment and facilities by working at a group level with all MD’s and local HSE specialists. You will be responsible for ensuring each business has identified and is managing the process risk and will set up and measure relevant key performance indicators. You will lead relevant studies and assessments and be a key contact with the regulator and external experts. You will lead in the management of change, hazard studies, quantified risk assessment, COMAH, DSEAR and pressure systems compliance.

Key Responsibilities:

Risk Assessment:

  • Conduct thorough risk assessments related to the handling, storage, and transportation of dangerous substances.

  • Identify potential major accident hazards and scenarios and and assess their likelihood and consequences.

Regulatory Compliance:

  • Your will be responsible for the update and submission of COMAH Safety Reports, associated studies and risk assessments.

  • Stay up-to-date with COMAH regulations and other relevant safety standards.

  • Ensure the organization's compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

  • Engage with local HSE officers in the island and the UK to ensure safety reports and actions and HSE officers are informed.

Emergency Planning:

  • Develop and maintain emergency response plans to address potential major accidents.

  • Coordinate with relevant authorities, emergency services, and internal stakeholders to ensure effective emergency preparedness.

Safety Audits and Inspections:

  • Ensure that regular safety audits and inspections are conducted by the relevant teams to identify and rectify potential hazards.

  • Collaborate with internal and external parties to implement corrective actions.

  • Ensure policies and procedures are kept up to date and are reflective of any actions taken.

Training and Awareness:

  • Provide training and awareness programs for employees regarding major accident hazards, process safety, and safety procedures.

  • Foster a safety-conscious culture within the organisation.

Documentation and Reporting:

  • Maintain accurate records of risk assessments, process safety records and documentation, and emergency response plans to enable clear demonstration of compliance across relevant legislation and current industry standards.

  • Prepare and submit reports to regulatory authorities as required.

  • You will ensure key performance measures are captured and provide competent evaluation and advice to the Senior Management Team on those indicators.

Continuous Improvement:

  • Ensure that improvement plans are generated and progress against actions is in line with agreed expectations.

  • Identify opportunities for improvement in safety procedures and systems.

  • Implement measures to enhance overall safety performance.

  • Ensure Management of Change is embedded firmly into the business and used across key areas of change identified.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Experience operating and interfacing at a senior level on matters of process safety and COMAH, DSEAR, PSSR etc

  • In-depth knowledge of relevant industry standards.

  • Experience in risk assessment, emergency planning, HAZID, HAZOP and technical management of change.

  • You will have working understanding of functional safety and the associated requirements

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams.

  • Attention to detail and analytical skills.

Certifications (Desirable):

  • Qualification in Process Safety Management or able to demonstrate likewise through other means.

  • Professional certifications in safety management (e.g., Certified Safety Professional - CSP).

  • Additional certifications related to hazardous materials or emergency planning and response.

Health and Safety:

All staff are expected to follow established health and safety procedures while working for the IEG Group of companies, and in accordance with policies developed by IEG. This means:

  • Complying with and adhering to IEG’s accepted standards and procedures.

  • Where appropriate, taking responsibility for workplace hazards/risks you identify and communicated to management.

  • Undertaking regular reviews of workplace risks/hazards that are present in your work.

  • When, and if, necessary, participate in the investigation of accidents/incidents according to IEG’s procedures.

  • Undertaking appropriate and effective staff training when required or necessary.

  • Promoting a healthy and safe workplace.

  • Actively supporting health and safety initiatives.

  • Comply with any rehabilitation plan designed with you for a return to work after an accident

Changes to Job Description:

From time to time it may be necessary to consider changes in the job description in response to the changing nature of our work environment. Such changes, including technological requirements or statutory changes, may be initiated by the manager of this job with due consultation with the position holder. This job description should be reviewed as part of the preparation for performance planning cycles.


Contact for this job: Lisa Geldart

Method of application: CV

Email address to send applications to:


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